Applying the tools of economics for a better understanding of the Russian economy and society.
Photo: Laura Malmivaara/Siltala

Scholar, Lecturer, Author

Twenty years of studying and teaching economics at the University of Helsinki, another twenty years of research and administration at the Bank of Finland have schooled me in research, education and management. My specialty has always been the Soviet and. Russian economy, but I have also been the co-author of the introductory economics textbook that dominated the Finnish market for almost three decades. My central bank background has given a solid fundamental in the European Economy.

I never cut my cord with the academia. Now it is even stronger. I have the position of Professor of Practice at the Lappeenranta University of Technology. For decades already, I have been a respected member of the global research and policy advice community. At home in Finland and elsewhere, I have been advising policy-makers at the highest level. With thousands of lectures and talks, I am also an easy and well-received communicator.